About us EBS
  • Polish manufacturer
    of security systems
    and business
    automation solution

  • Presence
    in 5 continents

  • 3 mln devices
    working around
    the world

  • Pioneer of the first cloud
    based online guard tour system

EBS About us
  • 30 years
    of market experience

  • Partnership with the largest
    security agencies and
    governmental institutions
    all over the world

  • R&D and factory in EU

  • Turn key solutions
    for security monitoring

Supervisory Board

Krzysztof KuźbikKrzysztof Kuźbik
Chairman of the EBS Supervisory Board
– AVALLON Partner
– Since the beginning of the economic transformation in Poland, he has always been associated with the strategic advising and financial restructuring of enterprises and banks. He had worked for the Commerzbank Group, being involved in founding of mBank, managing the corporate branch and Strategy Department of BreBank and heading the CEE team at Commerzbank Headquarters in Frankfurt. He had also been a member of the Management Board of Bank Forum in Ukraine, worked as a Deputy CEO of Management Group Lodz, Executive Director of SRPBG Advisors, and Advisor to the President of PBG Bank between 1997 and 1998. Employed at IFC in Ukraine, he had supervised the privatisation and development processes of the Ukrainian private sector projects.


Piotr ReszczykPiotr Reszczyk
Member of the EBS Supervisory Board
– EBS Sp. z o.o.
– Co-founder of the EBS Group, who actively participates in the promotion and international expansion of the Group
– Mr. Reszczyk has over 30 years of experience in managing companies, establishing their strategies and developing them
– Mr. Reszczyk has extensive product knowledge of the security industry as well as established business relations globally (esp. in Asia)


Marcin StamirowskiMarcin Stamirowski
Member of the EBS Supervisory Board
– AVALLON Investment Manager
– With the team of AVALLON since 2002. A graduate of Marketing and Management at the University of Lodz, postgraduate studies of Corporate Finance and Tax at Warsaw School of Economics and Accounting and Financial Management at the University of Lodz. He serves on Supervisory Boards of the Fund’s portfolio companies.


Marcin BrodziakMarcin Brodziak
Member of the EBS Supervisory Board
– AVALLON Senior Investment Analyst
– Before joining Avallon he had worked in PwC audit department where he audited financial statements of production and financial sector companies.
A graduate of International Economics with specialization in finance from the University of Lodz


Management Board

Krzysztof Stalewski

Krzysztof Stalewski
President of the Management Board, CEO
– Co-founder of the EBS Group, who actively participated in building and positioning of the EBS brand
– Mr. Stalewski has many years of security systems experience. Prior to establishment of the Group, he worked at the Oil and Gas Institute and at Elmi Systemy Automatyki, a company specialised in manufacturing alarm systems
– Mr. Stalewski has technical background supported by an MBA course at the French Institute of Management


Tomasz LaudyTomasz Laudy
Vice president, Strategy, Sales and Marketing
- A manager with over 20 years’ experience in different areas of Telecommunications Industry and ICT Businesses (Information and Communications Technology). Enhanced experience in B2B, Wireless Technologies, M2M, Enterprise Solutions, M-Commerce and Outsourcing. Practice in managing sales (direct and indirect) and marketing with international background (CEE, Middle East, Asia).
- Mr. Laudy graduated Warsaw University of Technology, Babson College (MBA), University of St. Gallen, IESE Business School and London Business School.