The year 2019 is unique to EBS, which celebrates its 30th anniversary, in conjunction to the industries’ celebration on entering fourth industrial revolution. The Conference that EBS has been organising for 9 years took on exceptional character this year . Unlike previous editions, the Company has decided to invite its partners and customers  not only  from Poland, but with 26 countries from  all over the world.  27 September  in Jachranka about  4.0 industry was discussed with almost 80 companies - distributors, integrators, security agencies.

The focus of the event was on global issues, addressing the problems of the security industry and the changes that are influenced by the growing digitalisation, the development of artificial intelligence, and the automation of processes now or will emerge within the next Years. EBS invited partners like: Fibaro, Next, Orange, Dahua, Linc, AdInfo, Security Robot Guard Systems and the Institute of Communications as a scientific patron to attend the conference. Honorary Partner have been: Polish Chamber of Defense, Polish Chamber of Alarm systems and Polish Association of Employers Protection.

Their presentations were presented primarily by practitioners, Krzysztof Kuźbik, Partner of Avallon, a multi-annual lecturer and partner in the leading investment fund, at the same time chairman of the supervisory Board of EBS, Tomasz Laudy, now vice president of EBS, who has gained his expertise in companies such as Ericsson, Siemens, Orange and Roshan, Daniel Kamiński, member of EBS board responsible for product research and development, multi-annual practices and industry columnist, Juan Carlos, owner of Solutec soluciones Tecnologicas SAS,  Krzysztof Bartuszek , CEO of Securitas Polska, Anna Śliwoń, an analyst at IHS Markit, an international economic research company, working in the UK.

The rich theme of the conference was divided into several  blocks,  which consisted of one ecosystem-the environment, and at the same time a component of modern functioning systems:


In this context, the company's products and solutions were presented by: EBS, Orange (Paweł Dębiński), Next (Sławomir Piela), Juwentus (Piotr Sadza), Dahua (Maciej Pietrzak), Segware (Maike Cunha), Linc (Jakub Sobek).

We also had the privilege to have presentations from our foreign  partners: Maximan from South Africa, the owner of Chubb, the largest security agency in Africa, which implemented AI algorithms into its reporting system and the owner of Brazilian company Setech telling about the new model selling devices (Active Track)  as a service.  The whole event was complemented by workshops presenting new solutions, among others:  Integration of the EBS with Fibaro smart home components, ActiveView Enterprise and the partner lecture – PISA.

After the official part of the gala, the anniversary of EBS, with the performance by the remarkable Mozart group took place.

We appreciate the great contribution of all experts and speakers and we invite you to the next edition next year!

The media patronage of the Conference covered: A & S Poland, Security and