Following previous years trail, listening to your numerous positive opinions about our annual conferences, we have decided to keep sharing our rich knowledge and experience accumulated over 30 years.

 With a lot of pleasure, we would like to invite everyone to EBS Smart Academy, a place where we will gather know-how about the Security market.
A place dedicated not only to EBS solutions but also to the challenges our industry faces today.
At EBS Smart Academy you will find all our webinars, conducted in 3 different languages ​​and enjoying increasing interest among clients from all over the world.
Over time, we think of inviting experts from the Security industry to cooperate and, just like we did at our open-days conferences, share with you our thoughts and observations on the latest market trends.
We also want to use the invaluable experience of EBS's long-term business partners from around the world.
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The EBS Smart Academy big opening soon!