On December 6, EBS and Avallon signed the final buy-out contract obtaining 70% of the company’s shares from the existing owners. The transaction was joined by the key managers who together with the Fund and the founders would like to implement the plans of opening new branches in Latin America, South America and Africa, and to increase the scale of business through new acquisitions.

Piotr Reszczyk – Co-founder of EBS Ltd:

Over the time of one and a half years, we continued talks with several funds. We chose Avallon because it seemed stable, open to new technologies and looking to the future. After a few meetings with the Fund managers, we saw great synergy. We were pleasantly surprised by their professionalism and knowledge of the industry. We got the feeling that we were looking in the same direction when it came to the company development. Building a sense of security is an important element of our mission. Thanks to the cooperation with the Fund, EBS has a chance to develop much further and implement our goal, which is a 4-time increase in revenue in the next
5 years. We intend to go more towards IoT (Internet of Things), Smart Home, mobile devices in physical protection through, among other methods, acquisitions. An important point is the investment in the development of our software via Cloud. We will be selling integrated solutions, not just a hardware product itself.
EBS was founded in 1989. It started as a producer of alarm signaling devices. The company’s current product offer includes various types of GSM transmitters, IP transmitters, GPS systems, alarm control panels, hybrid systems allowing data transmission via two channels : GSM and Ethernet, a number of models of internal and external signaling devices, as well as software for the devices on offer.

The new strategy also assumes further acquisitions in Europe.

Krzysztof Kuźbik- Partner of AVALLON:

EBS is looking for software and distribution companies in Europe, and our role is to provide funds for it. We see great potential for the company to develop, in particular in the field of Smart Home solutions, as well as to increase the company’s performance on foreign markets.

Piotr Blaszczyk – R&D Director of EBS Ltd:

I’ve been working for EBS for 14 years, watching it develop and developing with it and creating its products. The cooperation with the Fund will enable us to create more and more complex products that could integrate the world of security industry devices with devices and systems in other areas, e.g. home automation or the Internet of Things. I see great potentials in the proposed ideas for new products, in the development of R & D team and the entire company.

Rafał Ozga – Sales Director EBS Ltd:

EBS as a technological company realises that there are possibilities to develop certain products at a faster speed (mainly in the area of Smart Home, IoT and monitoring of people) than we have done before. The option of taking over other entities together with the Avallon Fund gives our company a chance and opportunities which would be difficult to achieve independently. The substantive support of the Avallon Fund is crucial for EBS in the process of our rapid development and important changes that are ahead of us.

EBS and Avallon signed the final buy-out contract