The dynamically expanding property development market (both multi-apartment and individual buildings) opens up interesting prospects for the suppliers of property security systems. The relatively low number of remotely protected facilities in the country is a good opportunity to attract new customers. Now, EBS makes it all even easier with the introduction of the AVA PRO Easy Install set.

As an electronic expert and a constructor with over 20 years of work experience, I greatly appreciate this control panel and its ecosystem for its solid design. I do not only mean the pleasing to the eye design that distinguishes the product in the market. The device is constructed with the state-of-the-art electronic elements (e.g. the heart of the system is ARM processor), the main board is designed in a well-thought way to allow easy installation of expansion modules and a sort of ''clarity'' of the project can be noticed, too. This proves the high technical culture of Polish engineers, which is very pleasing. What is more, and what should be strongly emphasised, the app for the installer, "EBS Config 2.0", completes the whole project perfectly well and it makes the process of system configuration quite enjoyable plus the availability of the application on a smartphone allows to resign from using a laptop during installation. The key to success, in my opinion, is the app for the end-user which is "EBS Security" as it is an excellent and, above all, mobile control tool to protect the property.

So, what do we get with that shapely and eye-catching package with a handle? The following elements of a complete alarm system are placed inside the device:

  • AVA PRO control panel - with preconfigured GSM system, a power supply, a backup battery and an alarm siren,
  • two PIR-30 type wireless IR sensors (along with batteries!),
  • two RC-30 remote controls also along with batteries.

The whole project is prepared by the manufacturer in such a way that the only thing left to do is to insert the SIM card, received from the monitoring company, into the slot. And the system is ready to protect the property.

Naturally, there is one more detail that makes the whole set attractive: it is easy to install. The control panel does not have to be placed on e.g. a wall, it only needs to be located close to a socket. Simply place it on the floor or a shelf. The same applies to the sensors - the strips of strong double-sided adhesive tape, provided with the set, allow to simply stick the sensors to the wall and... there is no need to drill! Fast, clean and no noise, plus there is no need to use any programming tools (laptop, cables ...) - thanks to that, sticking the sensors (of course, in accordance with the art of the design - so that they effectively detect movements) is the most labour-intensive part of the system installation.

Finally, one more, very strong argument to attract potential users. The customers, thanks to the EBS Security app for smartphones, gain remote access to the control panel - this gives the possibility to monitor the property basically from any spot on the Earth - wherever there is GSM (or WiFi) coverage.

A properly trained salesperson can get the set up and running, at the customer's property, at the very first meeting. The whole procedure lasts up to 5 minutes!

The offered set does not limit the possibilities for further expansion of the system. More wireless elements can be added, completely remotely (with the use of EBS Config 2.0 application). The control panel itself can be expanded with the use of other modules such as ETH/WIFI, or Smart home - an intelligent property.

So, a take-away set please!