Design, simplicity, innovative keyboard, sensor with photos on demand. Everything sounds amazing, but what about the technical parameters? The standard AVA PRO alarm system control panel enables two-way radio transmission in the 868 MHz/ 915 MHz / 921 MHz band. It has 8 wired inputs within the 64 inputs. 4 outputs, including two AUX + 12V power outputs. 4 Partitions. We can support up to 8 KP3W keypads and up to 8 wireless sirens. Up to 32 users, 32 remote controls and 32 AVA Keys.

But that's not all - because we know that not every installation looks the same, we have given our control panel a modular infrastructure, so you can adjust the control panel to the needs of the installation. If necessary - expand.

Following the current prevailing trend and market needs, AVA PRO has been equipped with the possibility of development with additional modules. This way, we can supplement the control panels with the following tools:

  • GSM 2G / 3G / 4G module - The module is equipped with DualSim. The ability to switch between SIM cards guarantees the reliability of the security system. We gain confidence in the communication of the system.
  • Ethernet module (MOD-ETH) – The module for connecting the AVA PRO alarm control panel to the computer network
  • RF 433MHz module (MOD-RF433) – This allows you to use products from the Callisto series
  • Z-Wave module - It extends AVA PRO with IoT communication
  • WIFI module – It enables connection of the control panel to the WIFI network.

The system designed in this way ensures that the customer receives exactly what he needs.