The first thing that catches your eye is the extremely elegant and sophisticated look of the AVA PRO line. Everything has been planned with the utmost care - starting from the new EBS product, i.e. a motion sensor with camera (PIR-CAM), classic motion sensors, magnetic contacts, remote controls, and ending with the keyboard. The individual elements of the system are available in two color variants (black and white).

They are distinguished by unique aesthetics, perfectly matching both modern and classic interiors. The lack of a typical alphanumeric keyboard is characteristic, and there are only five buttons on the board: arm, disarm, day mode, night mode, and panic. How many of us are afraid to arm the system? How many of our relatives have concerns about unjustified alarm activation? Maybe it's not the PIN? What if the alarm goes off? With AVA Key you can forget about it. The smart tag allows wireless user authorization on the keyboard without the need to approach. Thanks to this, whenever you leave the house, you can turn on the alarm without fear. All you need to do is have the AVA Key with you - the system automatically recognizes its owner. What if you leave AVA Key within keypad range? Will then everyone be able to disarm the system? EBS specialists also thought about it. AVA Key activates while it is moving. Put it on hold, it deactivates after a short time. Using the keyboard has never been so easy - with AVA PRO it all comes down to one click. To make life easier. "Simply simple."