Design plays a key role in the process of making purchasing decisions. It is no different in the security industry. Customers are increasingly choosing security systems that are not only effective, but which also perfectly fit into the interior design. In this context, are we speaking of the art of… security? 

Sometimes we search for a product that stands out, other times, for one that will work well with the surroundings. Whatever the goal, when making purchasing decisions, we are very much guided by our most important sense, i.e. vision. It is through vision that we receive 80-90% of all information every day. Vision dominates, also when it comes to purchasing decisions.

The decision-making process is also accompanied by numerous psychological phenomena, e.g. the priority effect. We remember best the first impression, even if unconsciously. It has also been proven that people attribute better, frequently less faulty performance to appealing products (Donald Norman, Emotional Design). We simply feel better among things that are visually more attractive. The specific style is of secondary importance. What is important is that we like the product and that it meets individual tastes. In this context, absolute visual customization of products becomes more important, especially with regard to customer purchasing decisions.

EBS security systems in any version

Thanks to innovative machines that provide 100% customization options, EBS devices have acquired an entirely new face. This means that individual system components, such as keyboards, AVA key (wireless user ID), and even remote controls, can obtain a unique design.  Print can cover almost the entire surface of selected devices. It is also possible to subject the device to comprehensive personalization. We then receive a product that looks exactly like in the ordered design. An additional advantage is the ability to send any graphic theme, including the logo of the security agency, and to place it on selected modules. Fully customizable EBS alarms are a good choice for people who look for holistic solutions that combine technological reliability with aesthetic decoration.  

The Art of Security

EBS's unique approach to design issues in the security industry has resulted in an interesting project called the Art of Security. To date, an album and a webinar have been launched, presenting exceptionally broad customization possibilities for devices. The unique method of digital printing together with an extensive colour palette translate into exclusive visual outcomes. Vivid colours, interweaving colours, many different themes - alarm panels, remote controls and other products have never been this intriguing. Thanks to customization options, EBS devices become more than just simple elements making up a security system. They can not only perfectly fit with the character of the interior, but also emphasize its style.