AVA PRO is an alarm system with Smart Home functionality, focused on ease of use and installation.

The implementation of the Z-Wave protocol directly in the control panel is definitely the most intriguing option. Are you wondering what Z-Wave is? It is an international standard for servicing IoT and Smart Home devices. Does this mean that AVA PRO can be both an alarm system and a Smart Home system? Exactly! By purchasing one system, you can use the functionality of two different systems. This means that, on the one hand, your home will be well protected, giving you a sense of security, and in addition - your and your loved ones' comfort will definitely increase thanks to the remote control option. Using the app, you will be able to turn on the light, turn off the iron and control the heating. By arming the AVA PRO system, you may simultaneously turn off the lighting in the whole house. All with one button on the keyboard! You can also turn off the electricity in sockets to which potentially dangerous devices are connected (eg iron), lower the temperature in the house, etc. The AVA PRO system was created so that your home/ the system "helps" you in your daily activities. Thanks to this, you can go to work calmly and do your own business. This is only a small fraction of the possibilities offered by Smart Home devices with AVA PRO and the EBS Security application.

To sum up, AVA PRO is an alarm system capable of handling Smart Home devices, focused on the simplicity of use and installation. Thanks to innovative solutions, the system is extremely intuitive to use and visually pleasant.