Product appearance and packaging have become integrated mechanisms of sales persuasion in recent years.  We are more willing to choose what we like visually. Research confirms that the role of design in making purchasing decisions is huge. This tendency can be seen in various industries, including the security sector. 

Design is an element of direct marketing, without which there is practically no effective sales. The fact that we frequently choose articles that we simply like comes from the process of involvement. The preferred appearance of a product leads to positive emotions, and that is only a step away from a purchasing decision. Forrester Research studies prove that up to 90% of purchasing decisions are made precisely based on emotions, whether the choice is conscious or unconscious. Vision, as our superior sense, plays a decisive role at the very beginning of the purchasing process. The design of the product packaging itself determines up to 1/3 of all purchasing decisions!

Purchasing decisions and design in the security industry

The above trends apply to a similar degree to the security industry. It would seem that when choosing products of this type, customers should first take into account functionality and reliability, which translate directly into safety. It turns out, however, that the most popular are those solutions that combine both aspects: top quality and attractive design. Usually, both of these features go hand in hand. Modern technologies are created in a way to ensure the highest level of customer experience. Right after trust, user experience is the future currency of all industries. Hence, technologies in the security industry, alarm systems and Internet of Things solutions are very practical. The management modules for individual devices are designed for the user to be able to set up the device according to his preferences as quickly and easily as possible. Therefore, key aspects are: ergonomic design, user-friendly interface and attractive appearance.

AVA PRO security systems - elegance and comfort

The new line of AVA PRO products is an excellent proof that functionality and safety can be perfectly combined with appearance and comfort of use. Multi-module sets can be comprised of individual user-selected parts, such as motion sensors with a camera (PIR-CAM), alarm sensors, reed switches and other modules. These are available in two colour options: elegant black and white. Intricate, slim lines and top quality of detail cause that guests may even confuse the elements of the security system with ... elements of interior decoration.

AVA PRO system has been designed to ensure greater comfort. Ergonomic side buttons are pleasant to the touch, and the programming of alarm settings is transparent and intuitive. However, the comfort has not diminished the security potential. Quite the contrary. Thanks to solutions such as AVA Key, the alarm at home can be conveniently activated without the need to enter a code on a keypad, which is enabled by the touchless user ID technology (just press the "arm" or "disarm" button on the keypad). Do you want to find out more details? You are welcome to check out this unique product line! More information:



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