An alarm system operated by a mobile app is a very convenient solution. With this solution you can remotely enable or disable the system, check the time of your child's return from school and make sure which sensor triggered the alarm. In short, complete control while away from home.

Interactive alarm systems are becoming more and more popular and although the solution is quite recent, customers are willing to choose it. Peace of mind and remote control of the alarm system is invaluable. But what to do when the customer already has a traditional keypad-controlled alarm system? There are two solutions. The first one is to replace the whole system, which is quite expensive, takes a lot of time and requires learning the keyboard functions from the scratch. The other solution preserves the old system and gives it new life and functionality. All you need to do is to add a smart Wi-Fi transmitter, which makes it possible to operate a conventional alarm system with a mobile app. This solution is cheaper, quicker to implement and more customer-friendly, because it is based on an alarm system that they already know very well.

A simple solution with an additional IP transmitter 

All alarm panel installations currently use transmitters with unidirectional data transmission. Regardless of which transmission path is used: telephone lines (PSTN), radio (radio transmitters) or mobile networks (GSM), traditional transmitters are used exclusively to relay the alarms. This means that remote control with a mobile app is not possible. It is worth emphasizing that unidirectional transmitters work well and there is no need to replace them. However, an additional, smart IP transmitter (Wi-Fi transmitter) can be used, which will not only enable remote operation of the alarm system, but will also improve the security of the entire facility, becoming the second transmission path. 

The WX2N transmitter with wireless Internet

The WX2NB smart transmitter only needs Wi-Fi Internet access to operate. And that’s it. There are no additional costs. The customer can remotely enable and disable the system using a mobile app, which makes it possible, for example, to silence the audio alarm, when an alarm is triggered. It is hard to find a simpler, more convenient and safer solution. It is enough to stipulate in the contract with the customer that the existing transmitter is used to protect the facility, and the extra transmitter (Wi-Fi transmitter) is used to support the mobile app. This ensures that security continues to come first and that Wi-Fi connectivity is within the customer’s network. What's more, the old panel gets a new lease of life, and the security agency gains an additional service in the price list, related to the mobile app.  The only investment is the one-off cost of purchase of the WX2N Wi-Fi transmitter from EBS.