EPX 400 Efficient, Powerful, eXtraordinary. The best solution to increase your monitoring business!

About the webinar:

Discover the value added from the sale of transmitters. Why is it so important to know what our EPX400 can do?


Marian Cabrera, Szymon Siodłowski, Maciej Bejm

Date: 30.04.2020, 10:00 CEST Watch the webinar
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Business case

  1. EPX400 for the monitoring industry.
  2. The advantages and added value.
  3. The different Variations of EPX400.
  4. The applications of EPX400.
  5. What business models and structures can we apply to implementing EPX400?

Technical aspects

  1. How does EPX400 integrate with your ecosystem?
  2. Technical benefits of EPX400.