About the webinar:

How to make your business smart with OSM?


Marian Cabrera, Szymon Siodłowski, Stanisław Paulski

Date: 25.06.2020, 10:30 Watch the webinar
  1. OSM as the heart of EBS solution (What is OSM)
  2. Unique Features of OSM (Mass configuration, simultaneous multiple software monitoring)
  3. What you can do more?
    1. Online services: remote configuration, updating, diagnosis, easy integration on software including your own mobile application
    2. Value: Earn more with online services, save on manpower, save on logistic and man power overhead
  4. Sample table of savings and additional revenue
  5. Other main feature of OSM:
    1. Receiver
    2. Decrypts data
    3. Allows you to send remote commands
    4. Allows you to process Photo to your monitoring software from PIR Cam