EBS logo Lone worker monitoring


EBS active view logoand two endpoint devices of your choice

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AT Mobile application

with a Getnord phone

smartfon getnord

Active Track logo

Active Track zdjęcie


EBS logo Lone worker monitoringecosystem:

  • homogeneous system,
  • compatible with all monitoring systems,
  • preconfigured endpoint devices – do not require customer activity,
  • cloud-based solutions – accessible from anywhere in the world,
  • scalable structure,
  • wide range of applications: in addition to the security, the system can be applied in medicine, energetics and agriculture,
  • provides an exceptionally high level of security,
  • provides a selection of endpoint devices.
Endpoint devices for the system:

EBS AT Mobile logo

AT Mobile application

  • simply and intuitive interface
  • MAN-DOWN function, in cas of fall or immobility of a worker
  • real-time guard tour path
  • Basic function for an urgent call for help
  • picture messaging function
  • possible further functional development

EBS AT Mobile na smartfonie Getnord

Getnord phone

  • resistance to environmental conditions
  • resistant to impacts
  • high battery capacity
  • good price
  • many additional accessories
  • no unnecessary application

Active Track logo

Active Track urządzenie zdjęcie

  • GPS and RFiD

  • 2G / 3G cellular networks 

  • Recharging
    - approx.every 72 hours

  • Panic button

  • MAN-DOWN function

  • RFiD or GPS/RFiD depending on Active Track model
  • TILT and SHOCK function
  • Two-way voice communication (phone function)
  • MAN-DOWN function in case of a fall or immobility of a worker
  • Additional battery
  • Built-in accelerometer
  • Extremely durable and weather resistant case
  • Memory capacity - up to 1000 events

ApplicationEBS active view logo supports:

  • RFiD or GPS/RFiD depending on Active Track model
  • Additional battery

It provides:

  • extensive reporting system in .csv format and SMS notifications,
  • multiple devices on one map,
  • database of employees on duty,
  • control of working hours,
  • guard tour start nottification,
  • GeoTagging – covering guard tour path without using tags (due to virtual - area tags).