KP4W is a traditional wireless alphanumeric keypad that enables two methods of authentication: traditional, using a pin code, and via AVA KEY - contactless user identification. This simple and convenient keypad is designed to help operate the CPX300W alarm control panel. Thanks to the connection with AVA KEY, all you have to do is press one button to arm/disarm the system or call for appropriate help. The choice is yours.

Additional advantages:

    • Possibility of arming/disarming the system by night and day mode, distinguishing between partitions,
    • Ability to manage users in the system, view alarm and malfunction data and block the line,
    • Two-way radio communication at 868 MHz frequency,
    • Built-in motion sensor activating the keypad,
    • Possibility of connecting an external power supply,
    • Acoustic signalling,
    • Mounted directly to the wall with screws (grade 2) or tape.


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