BM8000PLx-C3W (‘x’ means diode colour: B – blue, R – red) is a wireless external visual and audible alarm device for alerting about emergencies that pose hazard to life, health, or property. The audible alarm is produced by a high-efficiency piezoelectric transducer and the visual alarm is produced by 4 LEDs – blue in BM8000PLB-C3W version or red in BM8000PLR-C3W version. It is designed to work with the CPX300W and CPX230NWB alarm control panels - for work with CPX230NWB, controller WLM-C3W is required! Up to 8 wireless sirens can be connected to one CPX300W control panel and up to 3 to the CPX230NWB.

Technical parameters of the alarm

technical parameters

Technical parameters of the signalling device

wlm c3w technical parameters