The PIR-CAM-30 Wireless sensor allows motion detection in the protected area and, thanks to the built-in camera, allows visual verification of events causing violations. The use of an infrared diode allows the sensor to take pictures in the absence of light, in complete darkness. The taken picture is sent to the server whose parameters (address and port) should be defined during configuration of the control panel (see instructions for EBS Config 2.0, chapter Control panel settings, option Photo server), and saved to the internal memory on a microSD card (if installed). PIR-CAM-30 has been designed to work with CPX300W alarm system. Note: The parameters for the image server (OSM.Vision) should be set according to the data received from the monitoring service


  • Passive infrared detection,
  • Two channels of recording images - on OSM.Vision and microSD memory card,
  • Photos in QVGA resolution (320x240 pixels),
  • Temperature compensation,
  • Test signal every 15 minutes, alarm with a photo taken from the controlled area not less than every 3 minutes,
  • Control of low battery level,
  • Possibility of connecting an external power supply,
  • Maximum transmission range in the open-air 1200 m,
  • Tamper signal at opening the housing and breaking from the wall when mounted with screws.


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