Universal app supporting alarm systems & communicators

  • Quick and easy configuration thanks to QR codes

  • User friendly configuration app in 2 versions: desktop & mobile

  • Preconfiguration schemes available

  • Convinient instalation thanks to clear layout

  • Unique installer app for AVA PRO, Callisto & communicators

  • Bluetooth ready

  • Programming and diagnostics tool

  • Available at Google Play and www.ebssmart.com

ebs config 2.0
ebs config 2.0

EBS Config 2.0 is a modern tool, available in 2 versions: desktop and mobile, used for configuration and diagnostics of most EBS solutions. At the moment, it supports AVA PRO and Callisto alarm systems and selected communicators: EPX 400, EPX 400xC and LX20B. Soon it will also be integrated with other transmitters from our offer.The application provides remote access to all functions and parameters of our devices, and at the same time has a clear and transparent layout.

Using EBS Config 2.0 you can now:

  • create templates for various types of objects, e.g. shop, office, warehouse, house, etc.,
  • set the time for entry and exit,
  • program user codes and their authorizations in the system,
  • add wireless sensors, keypads and remote controls by reading QR codes,
  • in the case of AVA PRO, control the Smart Home system and plan any scenes.

You no longer have to stand for an hour with a laptop in hand at the keypad to program or test the control panel. It is enough to sit comfortably in the chair, pick up your smartphone and set all system parameters in a very short time, and then in literally a few seconds via Bluetooth and using the MINI-PROG-BT programmer, upload the configuration to the control panel or communicator.

Do you need to review the parameters of the control panel? The customer requires periodic diagnostics of the alarm system?

It's easy and fun with EBS Config 2.0. You can check the range of all connected sensors and accessories on your phone. You can conveniently measure the batteries in the sensors without climbing the ladder and opening the devices. In a few seconds, with the help of the MINI-PROG-BT programmer, you will get the history of events and a complete system status report.

Google Play


  • possibility of direct and remote configuration and administration of all devices produced by EBS

  • work in a Windows environment

  • communication with devices uses standard EBS tools such as MiniProg-BT, SuperProg and other devices dependent on the type of device.

  • remote downloading of the history

  • reading of the current state of the device at the local connection