LX30B Connected

LX Connected

Installation in no time. It has never beed this quick.


Advantages of LX Connected (LX30B)

The LX Connected communicator combines the features of a classic communicator with enhanced support for third-party control panels.
The Smart Connector (communication via a third-party control panel keyboard protocol) simplifies and minimises the time required to install the device on site.

Main advantages of the LX30B:

  • 4G/ LTE modem
  • Supports third-party control panels (DSC, Paradox, Honeywell)
  • 8 configurable lines (inputs/outputs) to be used in any way needed by the installer
  • Remote configuration with EBS Config 2.0*
  • Operation via the EBS Security mobile application

For the LX30B to support the new events for programmable input-outputs, customers should install OSM version

For the Linux version, please contact our support department.

*NOTE! The old version of the EBS Config does not support LX30B.
The version that supports LX30B is 1.12.8 or later. The application is available in both mobile
(Google Play store) and desktop (www.ebssmart.com) versions.

LX30B Connected